Frequently Asked Questions

A: Host A Sister welcomes all females age 18 or older to join regardless of which gender that was assigned at birth.

To block another member, please do so from the messages directory. Search for the user name and click on block. The member will no longer be able to contact you. 

Block A Member

To deactivate your account, make sure you are logged in, go to your profile- scroll down to the bottom and read the delete account notice. Once ready to delete your account, click on “Delete Account”. 

A: Take the following steps to secure your account:
• If you have discovered an account that uses your name or photos, please report the profile to our team.

• If the email address associated with your profile has been changed, you will receive a message to your previous email confirming this change. You can reverse the email change directly from this message and take further action to secure your account.

• If you are unable to access your account with password used to create your account, click “forgot password” on the login page, enter your email address, and a temporary password will be sent to the email address you have on file. Once you’ve logged in using the temporary password, please change your password and verify that your security settings have not been changed.

• If you suspect that your account has been hacked but are still able to access your account, please change your password and verify your security settings have not been changed.

  • If you have a problem on our site please send us a message through our Contact us Form.
  • If you have an issue with another user, follow the user blocking directions above, or report the user within their profile page by clicking the “Report User” button.

• Remove yourself from any immediate danger and contact local emergency services. You can view a list of international emergency contact numbers provided by the U.S. Department of State here: 911 Abroad 

• Once you are safe, block the member and report to Host A Sister . Please provide the username of the member, a detailed description of events, and any other supporting information that you have available including police reports, if applicable.

• Leave a review for the member. Reviews are the best way to alert other members to potentially dangerous situations!

• See our Safety Tips page for more information about how to keep yourself safe while traveling or hosting.

A: While a host gift is appreciated, hosts are not allowed to ask for rent, monetary exchange, work exchange (other than prior agreed upon pet care), cleaning fees, or other compensation in exchange for providing accommodations or meeting up with travelers in their hometown.

A: Host gifts, while not required, are an important part of the cultural exchange and an excellent way to show gratitude. It could be a sweet treat from your home town, a small souvenir that you have acquired during your travels, cooking or treating your host to a meal, or other gesture of gratitude.

A: As a general rule, you should not have the expectation that your host will provide anything other than what is listed on their profile or discussed prior to your stay.
• Unless otherwise stated on the host’s profile, it should be the expectation that your host will provide:
1) A place to sleep, whether that be a bed in a private room or floor space in a common area
2) Use of a toilet and shower

• It should not be the expectation that the host will provide:
1) Food and water
2) Bed linens or pillows
3) Bath soap or other toiletries
4) Use of electricity to charge your phone, Wi-Fi, or use internet
5) Anything else that is not explicitly stated on the host’s profile or discussed prior to your stay

A: Reviews will be considered valid if you have had any interaction with the member through messaging, video chat, or in the Host A Sister Facebook group that violates our community standards. If you believe that a review has been written in error or do not believe that your interaction violated our community standards, please contact us, and we will investigate further.


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